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The United States Postal Service: fast and safe service
The United States Postal Service or USPS was founded in 1775. It is an important agency of the US federal government that provides high quality delivery service in the country. The USPS is a third-largest civilian hirer in the country - it employs more than 600,000 workers. The agency delivers approximately 660 million items to 140 million delivery points daily. It's very popular because The USPS offers different variants of shipping and low prices. The agency has an established website where you can easily find the location of the next-door office. Just use the search button and it will find you great option — doesn't matter if it’s post office holidays or Escondido post office.

General info
The USPS is a section of the Universal Postal Union. This means that it works under the united charter of the Union. The service delivers mail and parcels in more than 190 countries all over the world. There are several alternative delivery services in the United States, that work on a commercial basis and compete with the United States Postal Service. To keep a high grade of execution the USPS applies innovative technologies. The registration and tracking can be made online.

Online registration
In the United States you can fill in an online application for shipping postal items, because it's quick and handy. The user can apply on the established United States Postal Service website from house. You can also pay for the delivery via any online payment method. Right after the registration the user gets the mail's track number, while it's still not sent yet. You can also determine an approximate cost of the mail shipping using an online calculator from the official USPS website.

The USPS is a widely known company that provides only high quality shipment. Using the USPS guarantees that your mail will be delivered at the best
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